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The Challenge

Out of state title and registration transactions are unfamiliar territory for most dealerships. If you aren’t prepared, they can be very time consuming and require much more of your available resources. If handled poorly, out of state customers can respond with negative CSI scores and affect your bottom line.

The Solution

DMV Nationwide grants you access to point-of-sale tax and fee estimates, in addition to required document checklists, inspection rules, and trade-in credit details for each state.

Using DMV Nationwide allows you to focus on the customer and streamline the entire sale process. Our managed service clients additionally benefit by utilizing our processing experts to manage the transaction at the DMV for them.


Step One:

Simply log in and select the customer state.

Step Two:

Enter the transaction details to obtain results within seconds.

Step Three:

Review the tax and fee estimate with your customer and collect the required documents.

Final Step:

Send the documents into our processing center* and we’ll take it from there!

*For managed service clients only.

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DMV Nationwide has helped us tremendously in managing the high volume of out-of-state transactions we see throughout the year. The website is very easy to use, so it makes my job easier when showing a new finance manager how to use it. The customer service team is always very happy to help anytime I have a question, and I know they will always get me the answer I need in a timely fashion.

Tammy Holbrook


You guys could not be more amazing if you tried!! Thank you!

Candice Thompson


I talk you up to everyone I know. You are awesome and I can’t imagine doing my job without you.

Jerry Stocksett


I love you guys! I am over the moon about your service.

Eleanor Brew


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